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How to treat astigmatism

February, 2023

Astigmatism is a common visual finding that most commonly affects the shape of the cornea and can cause distorted or blurry vision. It is essential to properly diagnose and treat astigmatism to maintain good vision and eye health.   In this article, Gurjeet Jutley discussed the causes, symptoms, and treatment options for astigmatism.   What is astigmatism and how is it caused?   The eye has two structures, the cornea and...

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Does Cataract Surgery Last a Lifetime?

August, 2021

Cataracts occur when the natural lens in the eye becomes cloudy. This can cause gradual visual disturbance, affecting colour perception, night driving and quality of life. Although it most commonly occurs after the age of 40, it can also be caused by a variety of factors. This includes infections, nutrition, eye trauma, smoking and diseases such as diabetes. Commonly asked is how cataract surgery is carried out and will it last a lifetime? In...

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What is Telemedicine and Can it Help with Glaucoma Management

July, 2021

Telemedicine has evolved rapidly as a result of the pandemic and can be innovative way of delivering health care to select groups of patients from a distance virtually. Technology can be utilised for the benefit of patients, ensuring safety and regulations are upheld. Healthcare professionals can aid each other for advice and opinions worldwide, particularly enabling global teaching webinars to disseminate ideas and experiences. Hence,...

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