Mr. Gurjeet Jutley
Consultant Ophthalmologist, Glaucoma & Cataract Surgeon
FRCOphth (Royal College of Ophthalmologists)2016
Specialist Ophthalmology training, North Thames Deanery London2010-2017

Glaucoma fellowship, Western Eye Hospital (UK)2016-17
Comprehensive ocular trauma fellowship, Islamia Eye Institute (Bangladesh)2014
U.S Elective Internship Acute Trauma and Emergency Room (Cook County Hospital, Chicago, Illinois, USA)2003
Southampton University Medical School2000-2006
  • Bachelor of Medicine
  • Bachelor of Science: Biochemistry and Physiology (First class honours)

Woolwich Polytechnic Comprehensive School1992-1999
Oxfordshire Health Services Research CommitteeJan 2019
  • Awarded funding for £10,000 for confocal microscopy 

Novartis glaucoma awardMarch 2017
  • Finalist
  • Case published in peer reviewed journal BMC Ophthalmology

Ethicon ScholarshipJan 2014
  • £900 awarded for trauma placement in Ispahani Islamia Eye Institute, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Ulverscroft travel bursarySep 2013
  • £5000 awarded for trauma placement in Ispahani Islamia Eye Institute, Dhaka, Bangladesh.  
Southern Ophthalmic Society prizeJan 2013
  • £500 for best presentation of tachyphylaxis in radiation retinopathy.

Southampton University Hospitals travel trust bursaryMar 2007
  • £200 to present BTS guidelines adherence in American Thoracic Society.


1)   Glaucoma drainage devices: a practical illustrated guide. Springer, India. Author of chapter Surgical technique for Baerveldt glaucoma drainage devices (accepted Jan 2018).  

2)   Ophthalmology at a Glance, 2nd Edition. Olver JM, Crawley L, JUTLEY G, Cassidy L.  Wiley-Blackwell, March 2014. Primary author.   

3)   Ophthalmology Surgery: Principles and Practice, 4th edition. Spaeth GL, Danesh-Meyer H, Goldberg I, Kampik A. Elsevier Saunders, 2012. Acknowledgement for chapter 52, Surgery of the lacrimal system.  

Principle Investigator and co-investigator for the multi-centre International latanapost topical/SLT versus implantable RCTUntil 2023

Oxford is the only UK representative

Co-investigator for two multi-site, randomised control trials at Imperial College, London2016-2017
  • TAGS
  • DARC

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Oral presentation (Last Author)Mar 2022
  • Impacto del uso del anillo de Malyugin en la anatomía del ángulo iridocorneal
  • Sociedad Española de Glaucoma el congreso
  • Palma Mallorca, Spain
Video presentation (Last Author)Feb 2022
  • Challenging capsulorhexis: a comparison of approaches
  • 26th Winter ESCRS
  • Virtual: young ophthalmologists programme 
Poster presentation (Last Author)April 2019
  • Xen® gel sten glaucoma implant in phakic eyes versus combined with cataract surgery
  • ARVO
  • Vancouver, Canada

Poster presentation (First Author)Nov 2018
  • Long term outcomes of combined phacoemulsification and ECP in a real-world cohort
  • Adelaide, Australia

Poster presentation (First Author)Jul 2017
  • Down to glue: safety of fibrin glue in glaucoma drainage device surgery
  • World Glaucoma Congress
  • Helsinki, Finland

Oral Presentation (Second author)Oct 2013
  • Central toxic keratopathy: following LASIK. A consecutive case series
  • European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

Poster Presentation (First author)May 2012
  • Paediatric Ophthalmology referrals: Causes of reduced vision in children and how accurate are referrals from family practitioners?
  • Association of Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO)
  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA  

Poster Presentation (First author)Jan 2012
  • Response to ranibizumab following tachyphylaxis to bevacizumab in radiation maculopathy following stereotactic fractioned radiotherapy for optic nerve meningioma
  • Euretina
  • Rome, Italy

Poster Presentation (Second author)May 2008
  • Audit of Hospital Discharges and Follow up of Asthma Patients: Are We Following BTS Guidelines’ at an International conference
  • American Thoracic Society
  • Toronto, Canada 

Poster Presentation (First author)Aug 2005
  • The role of TNF-alpha polymorphisms in determining the severity of asthma
  • INER
  • Mexico City, Mexico 

Poster Presentation (First author)May 2012
  • Patient satisfaction following endoscopic endonasal dacryocystorhinostomy
  • Royal college of Ophthalmology annual congress
  • Liverpool, UK

Poster Presentation (First Author)May 2017
  • How can we increase patient clinic attendance by improving communication?
  • London School of Ophthalmology Conference
  • Chelsea, London, UK

Powerpoint Presentation (First Author)Jun 2016
  • Safe guarding in glaucoma: improving the casualty to clinic pathway.
  • Imperial College Annual Research Programme
  • Marylebone, London, UK
Poster Presentation (First author)Mar 2012
  • Paediatric Ophthalmology referrals: Causes of reduced vision in children and how accurate are referrals from family practitioners?
  • Annual London School of Ophthalmology conference
  • Holborn, London, UK   

Poster PresentationNov 2009
  • Treating patients with proliferative diabetic retinopathy and macular oedema: Are we adhering to timeframe guidelines?
  • South Thames regional meeting
  • Frimley Park, UK 

Appointed Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon at Oxford University HospitalSeptember 2017

Within the department, I have undertaken:
  • Coding lead 2018-2020
  • Clinical Governance lead 2020-2021
  • Educational supervisor for deanery trainees 2020-ongoing
  • Lost to follow up lead 2022-ongoing
  • Director of Fellowship, pertaining anterior segment surgery 2022-ongoing

  • Appointed the Regional Education Advisor for Oxfordshire deanery January 2020 to current, by the Royal College of Ophthalmologists
  • Trustee at the Oxfordshire Association of the Blind as of 2020
  • Within Oxford University Hospital Trusts (OUHT), I have:
  1. Been the clinical governance lead
  2. Been on Consultant interview panels
  3. Developed and initiated the minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS) service offered by the Trust.
  4. Direct the fellowship program for glaucoma surgery
  5. Initiated a weekly departmental glaucoma teaching. 
  • Organising the National Royal College of Ophthalmologists Fellowship in Oxford, Autumn 2022
  • Appointed Royal College of Ophthlmologist Examiner for Fellowship Exam as June 2020
  • I am on the International Council of Ophthalmology for setting the glaucoma questions for the annual ICO exam (which is an exam for Ophthalmologists worldwide). The other members of the glaucoma section are five UK based consultants. We had formal training and the first finalised exam was submitted May 2017. The inaugeral exam was a success and I have submitted a further 30 questions in March 2018 for the winter sitting.
  • Previously an OSCE examiner at St George’s Hospital and University College London for MBBS. 
Sociedad Española de Glaucoma el congreso (Palma Mallorca, Spain)March 2022
  • Accidentes y caidas en paciente con glaucoma
World Society of Paediatric Ophthalmology & StrabismusFeb 2022
  • Pars Plana Tubes managing anterior segment dysgenesis
  • Virtual grand rounds
Invited trainer for Thea Advanced Surgical Glaucoma Course (Oxford)May 2019
  • Training junior surgeons advanced surgical techniques on artificial eyes
Optometry Glaucoma Discussion Workshop (Oxford)October 2018
  • Glaucoma at a glance
Annual AGM Oxfordshire Association of the Blind Meeting (Oxford)September 2018
  • Updates in Oxfordshire glaucoma management and the 3 peaks challenge review
Optometry Glaucoma Discussion Workshop (Oxford)May 2018
  • Glaucoma at a glance
Oxford Updates International Conference (Oxford)April 2018
  • The surgical management of secondary glaucoma
Allergan SAS meeting (London)April 2018
  • Update on NICE guidance and neovascular glaucoma
  • Co-founder of ‘International Ophthalmology: exchange of ideas’ Webinar series in conjunction with Bascom Palmer and Sydney (2020-ongoing)
  •  Annual: Oxfordshire Medical Glaucoma (OMG) International meeting (commenced 2018)
  • Regular webinars as part of the International Ophthalmology: exchange of ideas’ Webinar series in conjunction with Bascom Palmer and Sydney
  • Honorary Senior Lecturer at Oxford University from June 2020
  • From April 2018, I have been delivering regular teaching sessions to patient groups at the Oxfordshire Association for the Blind.
  • Since August 2017, I have actively participated in the regional teaching for Oxford Deanery trainees. I also run a weekly departmental session for trainees and optometrists.
  • I was a lecturer at the MSc Clinical Ophthalmology, Institute of Ophthalmology.  
Training the trainers (Royal College of Ophthalmology Virtual)Nov 2020
South East Scotland Regional Teaching (Virtual)October 2020
Manchester Glaucoma Course (Manchester)October 2019
Glaucoma: an evolving paradigm (Liverpool)March 2018
MDU Law and Ethics (London)February 2018
MIGS meeting (London)January 2018
UKEGS meeting (Cambridge)November 2017
CYPASS meeting (Barcelona)September 2017
EGS resident meeting (Mainz)February 2017
Leadership and management (Imperial College, London)January 2017
New Consultants (London)Nov 2016
Updates in Glaucoma (London)Nov 2016
ICO Glaucoma workshop (London)Nov 2016
Training the Trainers (London)Nov 2016
Binocular strabismus course (London)Nov 2016
British Society for Refractive Surgery (Birmingham)June 2013
Surgical cornea course (London)June 2013
Moorfields Microsurgical skills course (London)Jan 2013
Allergan glaucoma challenging perspectives (London)February 2012
Pfizer Retinal imaging course (Birmingham)September 2011
Surgical strabismus and plastics cadaver course (Bristol)June 2011
ALCON basic phacoemulsification course (Hemel Hempstead)Dec 2009
Orbital and neuroimaging (Newcastle)Nov 2009
Foundation Course in Ophthalmology (Edinburgh)Oct 2009
Northwick Park Radiology Course (London)Mar 2008
Advanced Trauma Life Support (Southampton).Sep 2007
Foundations of Acute Care and critical illness (Southampton).Sep 2007
  • I am a reviewer for both the General Practicioner journal ‘Innovait’ and ‘International Journal of Ophthalmology’.