What is Cataract?

Light rays from the environment are bent by both the cornea and lens onto the back of the eye, enabling us to see. With time, the clear lens becomes cloudy, which is termed cataract. The cardinal symptoms are: blurry vision, cloudy vision and glare looking at lights.

How can it be prevented?

Unfortunately, cataract cannot be prevented. They are not pathological: we will all get cataracts. What we cannot predict, is when they will develop.

What does surgery involve

Surgery is performed with drops alone, aiding quicker recovery. Small incisions are performed with self sealing wound constructions, requiring no stitches. If required, the surgery can be done with sedation or general anaesthetic. The lens is removed with an ultrasound probe and an acrylic implant chosen to fit your visual requirement.

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    It is important to avoid heavy lifting and swimming for one month after surgery. You will be able to go back to work the following day after surgery, as long as drops are instilled. The eye will be completely healed after two/three weeks.