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What is Telemedicine and Can it Help with Glaucoma Management

July, 2021

Telemedicine has evolved rapidly as a result of the pandemic and can be innovative way of delivering health care to select groups of patients from a distance virtually. Technology can be utilised for the benefit of patients, ensuring safety and regulations are upheld. Healthcare professionals can aid each other for advice and opinions worldwide, particularly enabling global teaching webinars to disseminate ideas and experiences. Hence,...

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Top Tips For Travelling and Holidays When You Take Glaucoma Medications

June, 2021

Safely taking glaucoma medications whilst travelling and holidays Of course, a break from life can ensure slackening of rituals, which should be avoided with respect to ocular medications. We can attempt to ensure compliance to medications utilizing the following practical suggestions: Keep Glaucoma Medication In Your Hand Luggage Fortunately, medications are allowed to be carried on whilst flying, which is invaluable to ensure long flights...

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Glaucoma management plans after lockdown

May, 2021

Sadly, the Covid-19 pandemic has had profound repercussions on all aspects of life. In ophthalmology for instance, glaucoma patients have suffered a lack of continuity, with many appointments being cancelled or postponed. Due to the immense effort of specialists, the vaccine program is helping drive a recovery stage, to achieve some semblance of normality. This gives great hope to clinicians and patients alike. The impact of Covid-19 on...

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