Unfortunately, due to restrictions owing to the pandemic, many patients have suffered poor quality of life and increasing risk of falls due to cataracts. Increased isolation from lockdown, compounded with worsening vision, can have a significant impact on the mental well-being of patients, which as clinicians we are seeing regularly. Hence, as a profession we have recognised the importance of cataract surgery services recommencing to help our patients.

Cataract surgery

Since the visual impact from cataracts is gradual, quite often an individual will not recognise the impact they can have. The natural clear crystalline lens becoming opaque, whilst gradual, ultimately requires surgical intervention.

The impact post-operatively will be improved ability to focus on objects, improved clarity of vision and significant reduction in glare.

Transition post pandemic

Considerable effort has been undertaken to ensure that us as a population transition to a safe dawn, with the vaccination programme at the epicentre of this. Safety precautions are likely to remain in place for some time and all health care professionals will continue to follow the most rigorous safety protocols during all of their treatments.

Measures to minimise transmission pre, intra and post surgery have been implemented, including:

  • Swabs in the pre-assessment phase
  • Isolation and shielding
  • Strict PPE
  • Shielding post-operatively

Full details of Covid-19 protocols will be made clear heading into the surgical period, ensuring a smoother journey and allevaiting anxiety.

This blog is contributed by Gurjeet Jutley.